At 6 feet 9 inches tall, Officer Jermaine Galloway looks like an intimidating presence, but he is devoted and passionate about education, training, and enforcement when it comes to alcohol and drug use and abuse prevention.  Officer Galloway is a nationally and internationally recognized instructor and is well known for his countless hours of research on alcohol and drug trends.

Officer Jermaine Galloway has been an Idaho law enforcement officer since 1997 and has more than 15 years experience in underage drinking, drug and alcohol enforcement. Officer Galloway has worked several different assignments, including: alcohol compliance and enforcement officer, crime scene investigation (CSI), DUI task force, officer mentoring, and as a field training officer. After playing Division I basketball, Jermaine received his BA from the University of San Francisco.

Jermaine has coordinated and led thousands of alcohol related initiatives, enforcement patrols and trainings.  Furthermore Officer Galloway has conducted more than 500 community scans of retail locations, festivals, housing areas, schools/universities, and areas with possibly drug and alcohol influences across the country and internationally. 

Jermaine is also an Idaho POST certified instructor in alcohol beverage laws, drug identification, and community policing.  He currently provides nationwide training to police officers, prevention personnel, educators, counselors, parents, treatment providers, judges, business leaders, community leaders, state representatives, health professionals and community coalition members on alcohol and drug trends, drug identifiers, drug clothing, party patrols, party drugs, Fake ID's, drug concealment, alcohol and energy drinks, drug logos, synthetic drugs, drug concentrates, drug legalization, inhalants, non-traditional ways of alcohol consumption, cough medicine abuse, alcohol laws, drug stash compartments, popular culture music, and other community based alcohol and drug initiatives.

Officer Galloway also spends much of his time speaking to youth on the harms of underage drinking, drug abuse and tobacco. Each year Jermaine has spent countless hours talking to youth at school assembly’s and town hall meetings. Currently, Galloway has trained over 75,000 people nationwide and internationally. 

Several years ago, Jermaine and his wife created the Northwest Alcohol Conference. This is a nationally recognized conference, which provides training and enforcement strategies to attendees on community alcohol problems. The last conference which was held in Boise, Idaho had over 400 individuals from 28 states Jermaine has also created several community based alcohol and drug prevention programs.

Jermaine has had articles published in American Police Beat Magazine and many local area newspapers where he has done presentations.   Officer Galloway has been highlighted in multiple news stories/videos covering topics such as new forms of marijuana, e-cigarettes, party patrols, underage drinking, drug trends/stash compartments.  Jermaine has also been highlighted in videos and television news media.

In 2015 Officer Galloway’s program, "You Can't Stop What You Don't Know", was highlighted in this recently released book " Clearing the Haze", by Dr. Christian Thurstone, a psychiatrist and medical director, and Christine Tatum of Colorado.

Officer Galloway is a member of several local community substance abuse prevention coalitions. In addition, Galloway has provided keynote and breakout session presentations at several state, nationally and internationally recognized conferences including the International Chiefs of Police Drug Recognition Expert Conference (DRE), OJJDP Underage Drinking Conference, Indiana School Safety Conference, Community Anti Drug Coalitions of America Conference (CADCA), TIPS Conference, Northern Utah Trauma  System Medical Conference, Wisconsin Sheriffs Association Conference, Drugs and Driving Conference (Ontario Canada), Texas Underage Drinking Youth Task Force, Utah Troubled Youth Conference, Youth Crime Watch of America Conference, Wisconsin, Alabama & Washington SRO Conferences, Utah Juvenile Judges Conference, Several State Highway Safety Summits, SLC Utah School District, International DARE Conference, Idaho Narcotics Officers Association Conference, Virginia School Safety Conference, Washington State, Nevada, Colorado and Idaho School Counselor Conference, Wisconsin Inter-Tribal Task Force, National School Safety Conference, Ottawa Canada Law Enforcement, Mississippi School State Prevention Conference, Campus Safety Conference, Washington & Idaho State Prevention Summit, Utah State Gang Conference, American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians Conference, and the Texas School Administrators Safety Conference to name a few. Officer Galloway also provides hundreds community, school, organization based trainings along with youth assemblies and community night presentations.

Awards and National Recognition:

For his efforts in regards to drug prevention and underage drinking In 2009, Jermaine received the National Law Enforcement Partner of the year award from (OJJDP) Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

In 2010, Jermaine received the National Mickey Sadoff Underage Drinking Award from the director of (MADD) Mothers Against Drunk Driving (see below)

In 2014, Boise Police Department received the innovative project award from the (NLLEA) National Liquor Law Enforcement Association for the "10-10 Zone" which was an initiative led by Officer Galloway.

In 2015, Officer Galloway received the national and international award from (AAMVA) American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators for his work and training in regards to fake ID’s and underage drinking.

Additional Law Enforcement Biographical Information:
Officer Galloway organized, coordinated and led over:
Officer Galloway was also the lead on creating several city ordinances including a fake ID and social hosting (disorderly house) ordinance.