"You Can't STOP What You Don't Know!"

This saying really captures why I do what I do. When it comes to alcohol and substance abuse, trends are always changing. It can be hard to keep up with all the trends and practices of substance use and abuse.  Most communities want to stop the underage drinking and drug usage in their community.  After attending one of my presentations you will know what is out there, where to find it, how people are abusing it, and you will have the knowledge to stop it! 

Recent News
Officer Galloway
Hello & Welcome
Officer Galloway recently won the 2015 Fraud Prevention and Detection-Law Enforcement Individual Award from the AAMVA (American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators).

He was awarded the 2010 National Mickey Sadoff Award by MADD for Efforts in Underage Drinking Prevention and in 2009, he received the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year by OJJDP.

Officer Galloway has trained over 75,000 people nationwide.
I have been working against community alcohol and substance abuse problems for the last 11 years.  During that time I have seen a lot of changes occur in our society and with our youth, whether at a large underage drinking party, what can be found in some retail stores, at a town hall meeting, at a community event, during an assembly or in the classroom.

One thing holds true! All of us are dealing with underage drinking and drug usage in our community. Now what are we going to do about it? Are we going to meet and "round table" the issues every month? Or are we going to get out there and do something about it?  If there is a logo, identifier, term, picture, song, or clothing item, possible stash compartment, right in front of you and you don't even realize its relevance in the drug or alcohol culture how can you prevent, reduce or stop it?

What I will do is teach your community or organization how to get out there and do something about it through education, prevention or enforcement. Whether you need to get organized so you can get started, or you want to take your program to new heights. Each presentation I give will help you do that! All of my presentations are geared towards the communities I teach in. I have no "canned presentation". Currently, I average over 200 presentations per year; they range from talking to educators, law enforcement, treatment, health professionals, probation, youth, parents, counselors, medical personnel, the media, business leaders and community organizations.  Personally, I want to be taught tools that I can use throughout my community and make a positive impact, and that is what this training will provide you with.

Many of you might be wondering why my website is called "Tall Cop Says Stop"? Well, I am 6'9" tall, and that is the first thing everyone notices about me whether I am working or teaching. So it just made sense to put that into the name of my work.