WHAT IS CHS SYNDROME? And why don’t some people know about it?

sick person

Written by: Officer Jermaine Galloway 

CHS Syndrome stands for Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. This syndrome is characterized by chronic, frequent and projectile vomiting, associated with frequent marijuana use.  Of course, not everyone suffers from this syndrome, but those who are suffering, the symptoms can be severe.  Some chronic cannabis users report these symptoms: vomiting, nausea, and stomach pain/cramping. Those suffering from this syndrome say their only relief, albeit temporary, is from a warm bath or shower.

During my teaching and traveling, I have had class attendees (who are now in recovery) or who had a loved one suffering from CHS, share these personal accounts:

Frequent and daily/cyclic vomiting

Weight loss




Multiple baths and showers a day

It appears that the cause and treatment remedies of CHS are still being studied and explored by medical researchers.  

In some cases, the patient’s medical provider was not aware of the syndrome and in other cases, the medical provider immediately knew the cause of the vomiting.  Personally, I began to see articles on this syndrome around 2016.  One pediatrician / class attendee in Colorado shared that he and some other medical personnel were informed through a bulletin around that same time. In my own research, I have found news and articles dating back to the mid 2000’s.  We know there are many who are suffering from this who still don’t realize or believe that it is cannabis that could be bringing on these symptoms.  

Education will play an important role in helping those in our communities learn more about CHS.  Below are a few articles that I have come across on CHS Syndrome.  

Washington Post 

Cedars Sinai Hospital

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