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You Can’t Stop What You Don’t Know™

Tall Cop Says Stop™ was created by Officer Jermaine Galloway, an Idaho law enforcement officer since 1997. Regarded as one of America’s top experts in various drug and alcohol trends, he has specialized in underage drinking and drug enforcement for more than 15 years.

Since 2009, Officer Galloway has won four national awards and one international award for his work. In addition to his numerous talks at conferences and other events, he has personally trained more than 825,000 people nationwide.

Officer Galloway’s many years of experience have taught him one thing above all else. In his words, “You can’t stop what you don’t know™.”

A Message from the Tall Cop

Some of you might wonder why I call my website Tall Cop Says Stop™ Well, I’m a tall cop.

Whether I’m teaching or working as a police officer, the first thing everyone notices about me is my height (I’m 6’9”). So it just made sense to put that into what I do.

I’ve been working against drug and alcohol abuse problems in communities for the past two decades. I’ve seen a lot of changes in our kids and our society over that time. I’ve seen these changes at:

  • Large, underage drinking parties
  • Retail stores
  • Town hall meetings
  • Assemblies
  • Classrooms
  • Festivals and other events

I’ve seen the ever-evolving drug culture trends sweep across our country. For many people, it’s hard to keep up with these trends, and especially to understand what they all mean. Unless you understand the culture, you won’t see it at all.

All over our nation, communities struggle to deal with underage drinking and drug usage. What can we do about these issues? Are we just going to meet up and “round table” them every month? Or are we going to get out there and do something to fix the problems?

That’s where Tall Cop Says Stop™ comes in. Through education, prevention and enforcement, my presentations address underage drinking and drug problems and empower you to detect these problems and fight them within your own community.

Everyday items that you might not take a second look at will take on a new meaning once you learn about the drug culture. I’ll help you understand many things, including:

  • New drugs
  • Logos and other identifiers
  • Pictures, songs and clothing connected to drugs
  • Potential stash compartments

On average, I give more than 200 presentations per year. These training sessions can have anywhere from 25 to 1,000 attendees. I don’t have any “canned presentations;” each class or presentation is highly visual, interactive and class-specific. They can last from one hour to two days, depending on need.

Whichever course you take, I’ll give you tools to reduce, prevent or stop drug and alcohol abuse in your community. Remember, YOU CAN’T STOP WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW™.

More About Tall Cop Says Stop™

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