We are always fortunate when we are able to slate Officer Jermaine Galloway as a speaker at one of our conferences. Officer Galloway is not only an exemplary presenter, but he takes the time to research local drug and alcohol trends in the jurisdiction where he is speaking to truly give his audience a relevant and worthwhile experience. He has a rare talent for identifying issues that are not immediately obvious such as drug-related code words and illicit drugs disguised as legal commercial products. We have received nothing but positive feedback from Texas judges and court support personnel after they walk away from one of Officer Galloway’s presentations. We would highly recommend Officer Galloway as a presenter and subject matter expert for any organization seeking to educate their audience on the latest trends in drugs and alcohol - especially those prevalent in their own locale.   

Municipal Traffic Safety Initiatives, Austin, Texas


Ned Minevitz
Program Attorney & TxDOT Grant Administrator
Texas Municipal Courts Education Center

After your presentation a couple weeks ago I have become more aware of what caseload of probationers are wearing. Just the beginning of this week a new probationer came in, admitted to smoking weed prior to sentencing, so that was my first flag. But was also wearing a sweatshirt that had “TrapLord” on it. I googled it later and found the urban dictionary term being consistent with being a “weed dealer”. Again, without the training you provided for us just a couple weeks ago I am not sure I would have even caught that.


South Dakota

Living and working far away from urban centers, it is easy to believe “we don’t have a problem here.” Jermaine Galloway peels back the façade to demonstrate that the drug and alcohol culture in rural America is real and flourishing, with the means to purchase, create and disseminate dangerous substances only an Internet-click away.  The law enforcement officers in Northern Michigan who have attended this training have learned about the hidden culture that exists in their own backyards; the considerable safety risks of encountering unknown chemicals and hidden stash compartments during traffic stops and searches; and a wealth of trending information available nowhere else.  Be assured that this is not a dated lecture provided by a consultant far removed from the field. Jermaine is a passionate presenter who delivers a compelling, constantly-updated, keenly relevant program that participants can’t stop talking about. As one attendee commented, “Mind. Blown.”  Three days after attending “High in Plain Sight,” an enforcement officer made a traffic stop for impaired driving that also resulted in an arrest for possession of shatter and later, lead to a larger drug operation. The officer advised that prior to the training,  he would not have recognized the indicators visible right out in the open, but because there had been an opportunity to hold and examine the items being currently used to stash and disguise drugs, he was able to make the connection."  



Jamie Dolan
Northern Regional Program Coordinator
Michigan - OHSP

First of all, I want to thank Jermaine for the best training I’ve ever had. I attended in Michigan. I have been with the MDOC for 21 years and by far the best training and information I have ever received. Thank you to him for his time and what he does. I am recommending him to everyone!

Michigan Department of Corrections

Drugs and alcohol are an ever-present part of youth culture. Laws and attitudes regarding marijuana are changing quickly. Even the marijuana itself is changing, and new technologies make it easier for people to conceal drugs and even use them in plain sight. Staying on top of the newest trends is more difficult than ever because news travels so fast in the information age. And a lot of these kids, who are very good at hiding their contraband, do very little to hide their lifestyle. It's in their music. It's in the logo on their hat, T-shirt or school backpack. It's right in front of our faces and we don't see it because we don't know what we're looking at. If these things matter to you - if you want to open your eyes to this culture - Jermaine Galloway is the man to see. I have been a police officer for nearly twenty years. I have been a School Resource Officer for eleven of them. I live and breathe youth culture. I mentor, speak with, interview and interrogate teens on a regular basis. But even an "expert" like me learns something new every time I attend a "You Can't Stop What You Don't Know™" presentation. Speaking on behalf of the Oregon School Resource Officers Association, Jermaine is one of the few keynotes we have had present at our annual conference multiple times. We will be inviting him back again. He and his presentation are just that good.

Mike Jackson
Oregon School Resource Officers Association

I work EMS, but I learned more in 1.5 hours than I have in 10 years. Enjoyed the session in Charlotte!

Emergency Medical Services - Charlotte, NC

Sublette County is a small rural, agriculture and energy based community in Wyoming.  Many of the issues that face us today in prevention are the things we are not willing to open our eyes to.  When Officer Galloway first came to our community and spoke, he provided the information we desperately needed to learn about. When you live in a small community, there can be things we are unwilling to recognize.   Officer Galloway's presentation is exactly what every small town needs to hear.  Currently, the marijuana epidemic is on a far larger scale than we are willing to admit.  I have attended many seminars, webinars, conferences and trainings but Officer Galloway has a fantastic ability to speak to his audience and make it educational and engaging.  He can speak to key stakeholders, or adapt his presentation to your community and parents to fit the needs of his audience.  The grassroots efforts that communities are making and the education that Officer Galloway can provide are exactly what we need to keep ahead of the trends of drugs and alcohol with our youth.  

Ranae Pape
Community Prevention Specialist
Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming, Sublette County

The first time I was introduced to Jermaine I was not able to actually attend Tall Cop Says Stop™ “You Can’t Stop What You Don’t Know,™” due to being in charge of registration, but I knew CARE Coalition who I work for would be hosting one a month later, so I would be able to attend. In the beginning of the first break, the attendees came out and were already amazed with the presentation that Jermaine had presented with all the information he had knowledge of, I knew by then I had to attend the next one no matter what. My time came where I had the opportunity to attend and throughout the whole thing I was amazed at the many people I go by daily, I would have never known a piece of clothing could symbolize something, all the different terms being used out in the world now, all the different mixtures, forms of drugs, chemicals, and spices being made. It really opened my eyes and taught me a lot to bring back to my community and my work. I was happy to gain this knowledge to bring back also to the younger generation now being exposed to these things at such a young age. Working for a prevention Coalition this really was useful information to gain knowledge in and totally worth the time to invest in one of his workshops. I am thankful to have attended!

Christopher Delaney
Community Outreach Specialist
CARE Coalition - Las Vegas, Nevada

Relevant. Current. Real-world application. Jermaine Galloway’s presentation exceeds expectations. Using practical and riveting presenting skills, Jermaine captivates his audience and has a tremendous impact on the total learning experience. He is a dynamic speaker who will enhance any event to which he is invited.

Pam Revels
The Alabama Association of School Resource Officers

In the global festivals and events industry and the rapidly changing world in which we must operate, there is no shortage of risk management challenges to keep those attending our events safe, secure and healthy. To do that, the professionals in our field need access to experts who can shorten our learning curves and advise us on best practices in addressing those challenges. In the critical area of alcohol and substance abuse, Jermaine Gallloway provides the IFEA and those we serve with up-to-date information, education, resource recommendations and training support, all presented in a manner that makes a very large topic both approachable and actionable. Jermaine's firsthand career experience and passion for helping others to recognize and minimize the negative impacts of alcohol and substance abuse, provides those in our industry with an invaluable asset. It is a partnership that we look forward to continuing.

Steve Schmader
President & CEO
International Festivals & Events Association