Why is Delta 8 So Popular and What Can We Expect to See This Fall

Written by: The Tall Cop 

Delta 8 THC was highlighted in the August 2021 and the June 2022  issues of the Tall Cop newsletter. 

You would think that the phenomenon of Delta 8 THC would have started to slow down by now, but that's not the case! Although the Delta 8 trend has slowed a bit, other “THC variants” have become even more popular.  To name a few, variants such as Delta 10, low levels of Delta 9, and THC-O have tremendously gained in popularity in recent months. During my community scans in various states, I have located at least 8 other variants in addition to Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC. In addition, we have found that some variants are being manipulated and possibly synthesized in labs, in fact many clerks mention “they are basically synthetics” as well. Because Of the diversity in variants, user accounts vary on the “high”. Despite their differences, these THC variants look like all other current forms of THC such as vapes, crystals, moon rocks, dab wax, flower buds and edibles. It is clear that these brands are coming from different states, possibly countries, and most likely some homes or garages. Being said, it is important to note that some variants may contain traces of unidentified substances based on their point of origin.

This fall you can expect to see that Delta-8 and other THC variant products will remain available over the counter in gas stations, convenience stores, smoke shops, CBD shops, many shopping malls, as well as continued popularity on our streets, and in our schools.