Delta 8 Draws You In: Discover What's Behind the Sign

The hook in the window

Written by: Officer Jermaine Galloway

June 2024

Delta 8 is one of the top items marketed in drug-promoting store windows nationwide. But you may be asking “Is it still a thing?”  The quick answer is yes and no!  Let me explain. 

Delta 8 is a form of cannabis sold in most states. You can find Delta 8 in smoke shops, some shopping malls, and gas stations.  For info on Delta 8 check out my bulletin from July 2022. Many times, Delta 8 is advertised in the storefront or front window. As you can see from the photo above, it is what I call “the hook”. (The “hook” is the item that brings you into the store.)  Individuals choose Delta 8 for various reasons. It serves as an alternative for those undergoing drug testing, is considered a legal form of cannabis, is affordable, and is easily accessible. That said, I don’t believe Delta 8 is the most popular form of “the Deltas” that is being sold.  Over the last year, I have seen many stores marketing other forms of the Deltas and promoting them as a better and STRONGER high!  Furthermore, I am finding Delta 8 products with the other Deltas mixed in. A “bowl of soup” of synthetic drugs, if you will. 

In my opinion, drugs such as HHC-, THCO- and THCP- have risen significantly in popularity.  These are not the only other Deltas being promoted and sold but some of the most popular. 

Recently during a scan, I located a candy bar that contained Delta 9, 8 10, THC-JD, THC-P, and THC-H!  This candy bar had the most cannabis variations of marijuana, I had found in an edible product.   Whether it is an edible, drink, leaf/flower, seltzer, dab wax, or vape cartridge…these cannabis products I mentioned above are also sold in those forms.  

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