Written by: The Tall Cop, Officer Jermaine Galloway

March 14, 2022

In this month’s tall cop opinion piece, I wanted to provide a quick snap shot of what I am seeing during environmental scans in retails stores.

You may be asking, “What is the deal with Inhalers and why are some so popular?”  As we head into the warmer weather, some of you may be seeing more inhalers, whether it be in youth bedrooms, in the classroom, or on a traffic stop. In all actuality, inhalers have been popular for quite a few years and are items that can be purchased for low price points, or simply stolen.  

Benzedrex Brand:  Contains the drug Propylhexedrine, aka “Propyl”. This drug is not a controlled substance and is sold over the counter at most grocery stores and corner pharmacy stores. In other words, where you all of you shop.  It will be in the pharmacy or medicine section.  Class attendees have stated that this drug, when used in its intended way, is very effective.  However, statements from drug users, highlight how this drug (used in high doses) will provide a high like methamphetamine.  To be clear, when trying to achieve a high they are using this drug in an unintended manner by breaking it open and chewing on it, among other methods.  

Menthol Inhalers (found in multiple brands):  Some drug seekers will use these types of inhalers to “bump up” the high of street drugs. For instance, some drug seekers will take multiple hits of these types of inhalers to open their airways and increase the euphoria while high on a drug.  A good example of a common drug to “bump up” is ecstasy or LSD.  

Levmetamfetamine (also found in multiple store brands):  A common method to get high from this drug is to use it orally (instead of in their nose) to achieve an “upper” like high.  

All of these inhalers serve a medical purpose but when drug seekers look to use them in their non-recommended dose or manner, they can work very differently, for some individuals.  Also, keep in mind, many of these items are sold at your local stores and are readily available for youth to buy.  

“You Can’t Stop What You Don’t Know”.