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Is the Term 420 Still A Thing?

Written by: Officer Jermaine Galloway

The quick answer may be “not really”.  Now to clarify, let’s highlight what 420 means, how it is associated with today’s cannabis climate, and most importantly, what you all can expect to see at the street, school and community level.

420, four twenty, and 4-20 are all known as the “National Stoner Holiday” or the universal time and day to get high.  This is the special day for cannabis users and is highlighted through popular culture.  You will hear terms, or phrases, such as “419, got a minute?” or “421, I’m running late”. 



Neurontin, better known as Gabapentin, is an anticonvulsant/anti-seizure medication that some of us may already know a lot about, and others that may have never heard of it. There may be many of you who are reading this today that have been prescribed it, or know someone who has. Approved for both youth and adults, this drug (aka Gaby or Gabby on the street), is commonly prescribed for seizures, Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), and shingles or diabetic nerve pain. It has also been used to treat alcohol withdrawals, sleep disorders, and other medical conditions.


Written by: The Tall Cop, Officer Jermaine Galloway

March 14, 2022

In this month’s tall cop opinion piece, I wanted to provide a quick snap shot of what I am seeing during environmental scans in retails stores.

You may be asking, “What is the deal with Inhalers and why are some so popular?”  As we head into the warmer weather, some of you may be seeing more inhalers, whether it be in youth bedrooms, in the classroom, or on a traffic stop. In all actuality, inhalers have been popular for quite a few years and are items that can be purchased for low price points, or simply stolen.  

Drug Use In Children: Pasadena ISD Administrators Learn The Signs

Galloway's presentation also included helpful tips that educators can use to identify individuals who are abusing drugs. 

Press Release Desk, News Partner

In an effort to better understand, recognize and ultimately prevent the usage of drugs in children, approximately 200 Pasadena ISD administrators including principals, assistant principals, counselors, police officers and nurses participated in a training by Tall Cop Says Stop

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