Potent form of pot gaining traction in Idaho: 'This is a big deal'


by: Deni Hawkins

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Doctors are warning about a potentially dangerous drug that's gaining traction in the Treasure Valley, and in the state of Idaho.

It's a more concentrated form of marijuana called BHO, sometimes referred to as a dab, wax, honey, or hash oil. Police say the potent pot is about five times stronger than green leaf cannabis.

"They're taking green leafed marijuana and using butane to leach the THC out of it," said Dr. Mark Urban, an emergency room physician.

Police mobile education unit is ready and raring to go

The Shelby Township Police Department’s newly finished COPPER (Community Oriented Policing/Public Education Resources) trailer made its official debut at the Shelby Township Art Fair Aug. 12-13. (Photo by Sarah Wojcik)

This article originally ran on C and G News on September 1, 2017.

SHELBY TOWNSHIP — It all began with a donated trailer and a police officer’s desire to educate the community about the ever-evolving ways that people conceal and consume narcotics.

On Aug. 12-13, the Shelby Township Police Department’s COPPER (Community Oriented Policing/Public Education Resources) trailer made its official debut at the Shelby Township Art Fair.

Police, corrections officers get 411 on ‘drug culture’


ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) – Standing at six feet, nine inches tall, Jermaine Galloway is known as “the tall cop.”

The only thing bigger than his height is his knowledge of the drug culture and trends users are turning to.

“Laced heroin and laced marijuana,” he said. “We’re seeing laced marijuana.”

Galloway on Wednesday told about 240 Pennsylvania police and corrections officers what to look for, and some of the ways users are hiding their stash.

He pointed out for ABC27 News something that appeared to resemble a small rubber ball.

AAA Brings “Tall Cop” Drug Expert To Virginia Highway Safety Summit

05/16/2017 Release from AAA Mid-Atlantic:

RICHMOND, VA (Tuesday, May 16, 2017) – Internationally renowned drug and alcohol expert Jermaine Galloway, aka “The Tall Cop,” will train local law enforcement officials and transportation safety advocates from across Virginia on recognizing the tell-tale signs of underground drug activity in their communities during the 2017 VA Highway Safety Summit in Richmond today.

Blog - It's Just a Vape Pen, Right?

It's Just a Vape Pen, Right?

By: Officer Jermaine Galloway, aka Tall Cop Says Stop

(Originally Featured in Campus Safety Magazine, January/February 2016 Issue)

Vape pens are sweeping the country, but what we are quickly finding out (and many people still don’t know) is what is actually inside those vape pens.  First, there are no absolutes when you talk about a vape pen or e- cigarette.  There are vapes that work for nicotine, flavored oils without nicotine, marijuana and even synthetics.  Many people are vaping marijuana, right in front of you, and you may have no idea.  Therein lies the rub.


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